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Advertising Brief

Advertising Brief

The fundamental things we need to know about your audience, their insight, the customer benefit and the reaction we expect. We then need the reason to believe your claim.

The Vivid advertising brief is our way of setting clear objectives for your promotion. The questions that follow will require very specific insights and may require market research to answer. Beware of assumptions. 

Audience/Customer – Who are we talking to? What are they interested in?


Customer Insight – What is the single most important opportunity or problem in the consumer’s mind about the product or service? (This question requires you to have an insight into the beliefs, feelings and perceptions of the target audience and may require research to answer it.)


Customer Benefit – What is the solution to their problem? What single benefit, either rational or emotional does your product or service offer that takes advantage of the opportunity or problem you have identified? In other words what are we promising? Note, this is not usually a product feature. (You make drills but you sell holes.)


Aim – What reaction do we expect our consumer to have to our design? What attitude reinforcement or change do we expect? What do we want them to do? Fill out an application? Turn up at your door? Ring the phone? 


Reason to believe – What factual evidence supports the claim?


Mandatories – What legalities must be considered? What physical limitations are there? (e.g. postage, weight) What are the logo, coupon response, call-to-action details etc. that must be included?







Please add to or amend this brief as required.
Note: Design work will only proceed once this brief is approved.
Changes to this brief following its approval, that result in additional unforeseen work on Vivid’s behalf, will be charged additionally.

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