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Retail Graphic Design | Poster POS Stands Shippers | Melbourne

Point of Sale Design

The trick with point of sale is to be louder and more charming than your rival.


Fleurage Perfumery

Capturing the glamour of a 1930's retail experience.
  • The perfumery was designed as a retail environment more akin to a meeting place, a salon. The entire fit out was designed in close consultation with the directors and drawn to scale so custom joinery and furnishings could be made. 
  • Packaging and point of sale support for products has all been produced with a unifying brand appeal. 

Mars Maltesers POS Shipper

Loud, proud and very competitive.
  • Huge brand presence in this retail free standing product display. 
  • By being fun and cheeky the character gets away with being the loudest reddest thing in the shop. 
  • The base of the shipper is also used by itself as a poster and the extender card is able to be placed directly on the shop wall as a cut out product illustration. 

Macromedia in store posters

Bold branding and direct selling.
  • The message is straight to the facts that convert enquiries into sales at decision time.
  • Branding is played by colour and typography with small reliance on the logo. 
  • These posters are designed specifically for the retail environment and nowhere else. 

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