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Print Design Notes | Tips on Printing | Melbourne

Printing Notes

A quick handy guide to a few printing issues we think you might want to know about.


The choice of paper has a dramatic effect on the character of the object being produced, but it is not until the project is designed that we can select the right paper to compliment the imagery. Print prices are ususlly required up front before we know what we are making. It is a good idea to allow some extra budget in case the use of a speciality stock will make the project exceptional.


Be aware that printing is not an exact science. Ink and paper can behave unpredictably – there are even shifts while it dries. There will be differences between the proof you see and the printed item – often we get better colour on press than in the proof.


What storage do you have for them when they arrive. Does the weight affect the cost of mailing?

Mailing lists

Will you use a mailing house? Can it go out with your regular mailing? There is a link to a company that sells mailing lists in the business links section.


There is a wide range of print methods to make colour reproduction viable from very short runs of just a few to the more standard runs of thousands, all with their own sliding economies of scale. It is true to say that the larger the quantity the lower the per unit cost. It is a good idea to identify the maximum potential uses for the item.


Visual material designed for print can be reused for other purposes – the cover as a postcard, a PDF version for the web site, images animated for a video, wall graphics for a foyer installation. Think of this as a way of extending the value.

Photography and Illustration

Commission quality photographs and or illustrations for use in your promotions. A library of relevant, fresh, original images is an invaluable resource. You will find opportunities to use them if you have them.

Stock library shots can turn into an expensive option if you require exclusivity. It can also make your promotion effort remind the viewer of some other company if you do not have exclusive rights.

The Cheapest Quote

We have seen the some great designs destroyed by poor print. You need 5,000 brochures. You do a perfect job of the writing, design, and photography. The proofs look great. Make one mistake, (choose the wrong printer for the job) and you have 5,000 mistakes – what the…? Yes you will always be able to find a cheaper quote, we guarantee it.

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