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Fleurage Perfumery Logo Design | Brand Development | Melbourne

Fleurage Brand Development

Conceived as a grand vision.

Fleurage is a luxury brand founded on traditional ideals of excellence in craftsmanship, quality materials and attentive service. 

The brand values was the starting point. The name was selected from hundreds of options by measuring it against the vision.
The woman and panther are powerful symbols rich in layered meaning and providing a clear statement about the brand's origins. It is era specific, gender inclusive, product related and luxurious.

An entirely new Art Deco typeface was developed for the brand. This is a key component of the branding as it extends immediately to the packaging design and promotion for a range of over 200 products. A pattern was also devised to enable large areas to be brand related. The brand values extend to the quality of packaging used and the type of images selected for promotion. 

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