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Corporate Identity Style Guide

Corporate Identity Style Guide

A manual of instructions for uniform roll out.
  • Documented corporate colours across print and electronic media
  • Details of what the logo is and guidelines for its correct use
  • The ideal companion for the Logo Kit

corporate identity style-guide

Demonstrate commitment to your brand through consistency. Design using the language of the identity.

The benefits of a style guide become apparent when you look at all your promotional material together after a period of time. All of the work will look like it belongs to the one family. The identity gathers power as brand. To an outsider you are an organised, efficient company.

The Corporate Style Guide

styleguide-teaserThe style guide is a manual for your identity. Its purpose is to instruct others how to achieve the unique look and feel across a range of differing conditions. It outlines correct usage of colour, identity components, typographic style, printed material, colour schemes for buildings and signs. The level of detail is related to the size of the organisation. It can also contain electronic artwork or instructions for obtaining the logo artwork files. This way a range of projects can be worked on independently and communicate the same message.

The style guide can be a printed document, an online resource, a PDF or a combination of the preceding.

The Quick Look Style Guide™

style-guide-thumbThe Quick Look Style Guide™ is a fast and immediate reference that details the fundamental rules governing the use of your logo. It also explains file formats clearly so everyone can understand what constitutes best practice.

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