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Ownership of Files

Our methods of creating your project remain our property.

This may seem a little obvious, after all, you don't ask the baker for their recipe when buying bread. However the use of digital processes to create graphic products has created considerable opportunity for confusion and misunderstanding in the client/design studio relationship about what it is that is being purchased.

The way we go about making your product is our business. Our own techniques contained in the files and processes we use to create your project remain the property of Vivid Communications. They are not included in the quoted price unless specifically identified and costed.  

The industry standard for the supply of authoring files is 50% of the cost of the project but this does not include the typefaces used.

A Note of Caution

If other designers have provided their source files to you in the past that is at their discretion. Be aware of the fact they still retain ownership and copyright of the files unless it has been formally transferred. If you do not have a formal arrangement regarding ownership be VERY careful. You may not have copyright over images contained in the project and one day the owner (which may not be the design studio) might exercise their right to have all the items with their image on it returned, or be paid what they deem suitable in compensation. Yes it happens. This can be quite common where there is a model, illustration or a photograph concerned.

Three things operate in relation to artwork. Ownership, copyright and rights of reproduction. If you must have the authoring files all three areas will need to be agreed.

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