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Payment and accounts

Payment and Accounts

Business is a two way street, we treat your deadlines very seriously. Our deadline is on the invoice. 

New Clients

Payment On Commencement
For projects requiring more than one day studio time a deposit representing no more than half of the total quoted wil be required before creative work is undertaken. The Studio reserves the right to invoice for progress payments where completion of a commission exceeds 14 days.

Cash On Delivery
For projects requiring less than one day studio time.

Established Clients

The most effective way to gain best value from your design studio. Why? Because a pre determined set of monthly hours means we can begin your project the moment it is briefed, less time is spent administering the job and more time spent producing. 


Accounts are granted to approved customers as a courtesy to allow business to be conducted with ease. If the period for payment of the invoice extends beyond the account then the terms of trade can be reverted to COD.

Please use this form to apply for a credit account. (Trading Account Form pdf)

Vivid invoices in pdf format

Please advise if you prefer to have a paper invoice sent to you or if you experience any difficulty opening .pdf files. Please advise immediately if your invoice has been incorrectly addressed or if you are not the correct recipient. Please advise immediately if you are unable to pay by the due date. Any queries in relation to the invoice must be made within seven days of the date of its issue. Invoices not queried will be deemed as approved for payment by the due date stipulated on the invoice.

Minimum Charge

A minimum fee of $50.00 is charged for Vivid services. This fee allows us to correctly log your task and archive it in our system for future reference. 

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